Where Science and Enlightenment Collide

Bio Electrical Science

ImageRecently I poised a question, not entirely certain if it has an answer, also I am not entirely sure of my current level of understanding when it pertains to the neurosciences, when it comes to cognitive behaviors, as well as my extremely fundamental understanding of physics on the sub atomic level, but here we go none the less.

Scientific theory begins with observation followed by a question, the question came to me during some reading I had been doing on Buddhist teachings and traditions by The Dalai Lama. The question came when I pondered if there are minute bio-electrical differences to establish a basis for fingerprinting…I mean obviously there are biochemical difference, emotional responses are biochemical, and imbalances lead to emotional disorders; but our brains are biochemical and bio-electrical as well.  Are there distinctions? If not would this point to where universal thoughts come from?  And biochemical interruptions of bio-electrical signals lead to social disorders?  Or perhaps a distinction, thinking on the opposite side of the coin, would that prove the existence of what we call a soul?  Because energy cannot be destroyed instead transforms be the transition to the next stage of existence on this or another plane or dimension of existence?

Sorry if it is random or over heads lol I like to seek connections between scientific principals and spiritual connections.

What originally got me on this train of thought, was the curiosity of trying to show scientific evidence of the existence of a soul and determination of a method to prove or disprove reincarnation or rebirth. I find it fascinating the process Lamas are found in the Tibetan tradition and scientific curiosity got the better of me lol

Can this postulating really be considered theory with such a limited understanding or is it simply a guess from a hopeless romantic? I guess that will be for others who have a greater understanding than I to decide.



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