Where Science and Enlightenment Collide


loveSelf-love might not be exactly what you think it is, to start this topic let’s look at this quote from the Buddha.


“Searching all directions with your awareness, you find no one dearer than yourself. In the same way, others are dear to themselves. So you shouldn’t hurt others if you love yourself.”

This quote has been interpreted several ways, but the part we are looking at here is that you will find no one dearer than yourself.  Sometimes those who are in compassionate works, whether its volunteer work in your local church or religious organization, or just working a soup kitchen; it is important that we realize that as much as we serve others we should also balance and be compassionate to ourselves, its ok to say no!  Loving yourself is not about your ego, rather it is about learning how to extend the compassion you show towards others towards yourself.

When we begin to be compassionate towards ourselves, we begin to manifest an inner sanctuary, which forms an inner peace, and having an inner peace illuminates an outer peace towards others.


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