Where Science and Enlightenment Collide

How long is your shadow?

Ask an artist and they will tell you, the more light you shine on an object the deeper, more intense, longer the shadow will be. The more we focus on our problems the more they seem to be overwhelming, and for good reason! Where thoughts go, energy does indeed flow!

The more we find ourselves focused on the negative things in life, our regrets from the past, our current problems, or even our future concerns, the more they will continue to dominate our lives and our choices.

Everyone has a right to be free and to be happy, we are all born that way, it is only fear that is learned. Next time things start to overwhelm remember what the Dalai Lama said:

“There are two days a year in which nothing can be done, yesterday and tomorrow…”

So for now and every day, live in the day as it is, moment by moment, as the old saying goes, “ Stop to smell the roses” even if they are proverbial if you suffer allergies like I do


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