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I love you!

Three simple words I don’t think we say often enough! In today’s world we find ourselves becoming more and more isolated from each other, being told our differences are as such that those who believe opposite from what we ourselves believe are not even human.

As my surgery closes in I received a text from my brother, “no matter what happens know that I always love you” receiving this text was huge to me! My brother hasn’t said that he loved me sense we were very little kids, and I think the last time he said it, it was only because the two of us were fighting previously and he was told to say it by our mother. Needless to say it isn’t quite clear the last time I remember him saying it, whether its my poor memory or just that it truly has been that long, it is not said often enough to those who really mean something to us.

I had always thought in our adult years my brother and I had grown far apart, that we were almost strangers; I had always looked out for him the best I could when we were little. If someone I saw was picking on him or trying to bully him I would always step in. Does this mean I was the perfect older brother? No far from it, I still did the typical sibling rivalry stuff, always thought he was the prefect son and thus could never do any wrong and was the favorite of the two of us. Sometime I would resent the fact, but even though we would squabble, and even though we drifted in my mind I always thought he had my back. We both always believed, no matter what, family comes first.

I think that in today’s world we need to think of our human family the same way, often we squabble and disagree but we should always have each other’s backs! So you, yes you reading this, know that no matter what, I will always love you!


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