Where Science and Enlightenment Collide

Let’s Get Physical

1cLet’s face it, when we think of being spiritually healthy we don’t often think of being physically healthy, but it’s true. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience no matter how you look at it. If the foundation of the house is crumbling or the roof is leaking it’s difficult to have a good time!

Before beginning a long or even short meditation session sometimes it’s good to just stretch, I try to do a few sun salutations as a way of preparing my body for the ritual. I see my body as a temple where my part of the divine lives, and if my temple is breaking its difficult to focus on becoming truly one with the divine spirit that resides within me. So to clean out the “altar space within”, so to speak, I clear out the ole cobwebs by doing some sun salutations, which can be learned at any basic beginner’s yoga class or video. Doing this prepares my body for the long sit as I try to get in touch with my real self and find peace of mind in that moment.


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