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Yesterday, one of the Twitter account that follow which posts Buddhist quotes asked a question to its followers: “would Buddhist in America be surprised if they knew they have only read a fraction of Buddhist texts?”

I was actually surprised by this question, it may just be that tone of voice its difficult to determine in text format, but it seems to me that the question was meant to convey the poster’s frustration with American Buddhist not living up to the standard of the poster.

I simply reminded the poster of the Dhammpada twin verses 20

Verse 20. Practice Ensures Fulfillment

Though few of the sacred texts he chant
in Dhamma does his practice run,
clear of delusion, lust and hate,
wisdom perfected, with heart well-freed.

Explanation: A true seeker of truth through he may speak only little of the Buddha’s word. He may not be able to recite extensively from religious texts. But, if he belongs to the teaching of the Buddha assiduously, lives in accordance with the teaching of the Buddha, if he has got rid of passion, ill-will and delusion, he has well penetrated experience and is free from clinging to worldly things, he is a partaker of the life of a renunciate.

They never responded to my reply, to which of course makes me giggle to think about lol!  We must remember, not let our egos elevate us above others, or we risk our own salvation as well as those who wish to follow our example.

Even the Buddha himself knew intent of heart played a strong part in reaching enlightenment, not the knowledge of Sutras

“Let me ask you Subhuti? If a person filled over ten thousand galaxies with the seven treasures for the purpose of compassion, charity, and giving alms, would this person not gain great merit and spread much happiness?”

“Yes, Most Honored One. This person would gain great merit and spread much happiness, even though, in truth, this person does not have a separate existence to which merit could accrue. Why? Because this person’s merit is characterized with the quality of not being merit.”

The Buddha continued, “Then suppose another person understood only four lines of this Sutra, but nevertheless took it upon themselves to explain these lines to someone else. This person’s merit would be even greater than the other person’s. Why? Because all Buddhas and all the teachings and values of the highest, most fulfilled, most awakened minds arise from the teachings in this Sutra. And yet, even as I speak, Subhuti, I must take back my words as soon as they are uttered, for there are no Buddhas and there are no teachings.”

-Diamond Sutra 8th Chapter



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