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I am a Man

farfrompoopen_decal__45396Sadly, a fact that I must admit, in this existence I am a man *chuckles* being so there are life views that come from my own unique perspective.

Here are but a few, enjoy!



I am a man, I do not wear pants down past my belt line, I am not in a prison yard expressing my willingness to find a mate.  If I found a mate, I would hope that it would be for my mind and spirit not my bare buttock.

I am a man, I do not ware tight pants, instead I prefer a relaxed fit for the ample cargo pants carry do not need any more crushing or busting that life doesn’t already give .

I am a humble man, I do not need to drive an ego extension, I drive a simple quite humble car that is smooth and comfortable to ride in.

I am a poor man, I do not afford the luxuries, nor do I wish to waste my parents money on revving my engine needlessly or rapidly accelerating down the road, for all cargo in all vehicles is precious and so is the joy my family gets for being able to afford family outings.

I am a straight man, I know I apologize that fact, for like you, I was born the way I am, I will not try to convert you, I will not put down your gender or orientation, I will not force my body, or my views on anyone, for we all deserve to find our own happiness in this life.

I am a man, I know it is ok to feel, to find passions, to love, and to sometimes cry.

I am an adequate man, I do not feel the need to bring you down to build myself up.

I am a wise man, I know that my truths are not your truths, and so I say Namaste!


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