Where Science and Enlightenment Collide

Blessing for protection and peace.

BhûtadâmaraBy his victory over Mara and his three daughters, Attraction, Aversion and Delusion, under the bodhi tree. To the realization of Omniscience, turning of the wheel of the truth and the nine supramundane states. By the three modes of practice for the welfare of the world, for the welfare of relatives, and for the benefit of Buddhahood. Under the peaceful shield of the Sangha, we are protected. May the spirits of miss fortune and ill intent be at peace, Om shanti shanti shanti. May the spirits of the divine guide us and keep us safe. Om paritta paritta paritta, subhaga metta, paritta. May those who are afflicted with pain be free from pain, may those who are in fear (agony and insecure) be free from fear, agony and insecurity. May those who are afflicted with grief be free from grief. May all beings be free from misery, fear and grief. Shelter us, give us strength!


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