Where Science and Enlightenment Collide

Created vs Made

dna_galaxy_lynnette_cookOne of the arguments I have heard about the Divine being a part of everything has been “That is ridiculous, when I build a house I am not really a part of it, I may feel like I am but I am not!” I always have the follow up “Did you create the seed that grows the trees that becomes the wood you use to build the house?”

There is a fine line but a finite line between something that is made and something that is created. When the consciousness that exists in the universe created and manifested the universe in its glory it became a part of the universe, in as much as the same way as I, a father created my children, and a part of me exists in them as a whole.

You are unique, but you are also a part of the whole the same atoms that make up the stars and planets, the animals and plants, also make up you.


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