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Attachment, even when it comes to Politics.

american-flag-2a2I posted this to my Facebook as well, but I think it warrants being shared here, as it can clearly illustrate how attachments to even political ideals can lead to suffering of the mind.  Letting politicians or the media speak for us instead of learning truths for ourselves, only hurts us in the end.

I just heard the most disturbing thing today, disturbing because it only shows our progress is slipping as a species.  Some one was kind enough to post a political view, something I have painstakingly gone out of the way to avoid seeing.  This view is about Donald Trump and being able to have his flag in the state of California.  My reply was as follows:

While I do agree that people should be allowed to put up any flag they wish, even if it is not the American flag, I also believe that zoning limitations should be in place.  If I desired to look out my window at a sunset, I should not have to only see a flag and no sky (remembers the episode of Fraser where Cam Winston draped a flag over the side of the building completely covering Fraser’s windows).  After all the sky is there for everyone to enjoy, not just for a select few.

The reply that was disturbing was as follows:
Just move windows, after all the settlers did not have windows.

It saddens me that they believe that one as long as they have their freedoms why should they be considerate of someone else’s, and two that they believe the window is an invention circa 1500-1700.  Sorry to say the first glass window was invented around 100 CE (AD for my Christian friends) used by Romans pre Catholic era, but the concept of an opening to allow in a view or lights came around the time of the first mud or clay huts (sorry to say this for those who do not believe) Millions of years ago, just after the nomadic period post cave era.

My point wasn’t to diminish, or trample on anyone’s rights but to remind us that our freedoms are for everyone to enjoy.  Just like free speech protects us from our government, and is not a hall pass to be a complete asshat *chuckles at the image of an actual ass hat*

Namaste my fellow American citizens!


A Buddhist US Army Veteran who supports freedom for everyone not just a select few.


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