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Love and Anger

10372797_747599311967011_5468154359563707379_nEven for us Buddhists, it can be difficult not to react when we perceive that people are treating us poorly. But what can we do to avoid saying something we may regret?

Firstly you should acknowledged your anger, and you have examined yourself to understand what caused the anger to arise. It is an emotion and you are feeling it, but what is the root of the anger. Once have done so, usually doesn’t take long, you discover you are still angry. What’s next?

Pema Chodron counsels patience. Patience means waiting to act or speak until you can do so without causing harm. “Patience has a quality of enormous honesty in it,” she said. “It also has a quality of not escalating things, allowing a lot of space for the other person to speak, for the other person to express themselves, while you don’t react, even though inside you are reacting.”

If you have a meditation practice, this is the time to put it to work. Sit still with the heat and tension of anger. Quiet the internal chatter of other-blame and self-blame. Acknowledge the anger and enter into it entirely. Embrace your anger with patience and compassion for all beings, including yourself. It is good to practice this technique daily.  In your minds eye, when you can safely navigate the torrents of anger you may cause yourself to feel, place yourself in situations that will annoy or anger you and then practice the meditation technique to overcome the immediate anger with patience.

But, THE best tip I can offer, and you may want to take a pen and paper and place this on a mirror for daily reminders, is Don’t Feed Anger!

Even more intriguing to me is the karma of our health. Again, let me illustrate one or two kinds of connection. For one, the Buddha says that we are not punished for our anger, we are punished by our anger. In other words, anger is its own karma. – The Bhagavad Gita for Daily Living

Let a man overcome anger by love,
let him overcome evil by good;
let him overcome the greedy by liberality,
the liar by truth! -Buddha


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