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Be the crazy

smileys_by_zahw Timber Hawkeye, author of The Buddhist Boot Camp, posted something to his Facebook profile the other day that got the creative juices flowing for this Blog.

The quote goes as follows: “No one can drive you crazy unless you give them the keys.” My comment on the matter was a saying I have used quite often “No one can drive you crazy if you are already there.” This was a response I would always tell my mother when she would claim we were driving her crazy, to state simply we could not drive her crazy, she already was!

Let’s think on that for a moment however, first I know it is a commentary on not allowing people to take control over your emotions, I have always been an advocate of not allowing unworthy people that much control over one’s life. When I thought on my own however it sent me in a new tangent. What if crazy was just who we are, what if crazy is the person we hide beneath our masks to make us seem normal, to have us fit in!

Perhaps it would be easier to maintain control, maintain the ability to not let people disrupt our chi as it were, if we were more ready and willing to show off who we really are. So if you are a little odd or strange deep down, if you want to wear neon stripped socks under your business suit, own it, own your crazy!



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