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Road to Shambhala Part Duce – Slaying The Dragon

Chinese-Dragon-Yin-Yang-T-shirt-PrintOK so maybe this part of the road isn’t so original, in fact this part is also referred quite popularly in Chinese Buddhism as “Taming The Ox” But for my purposes I like to think of it more as Slaying the Dragon, not because I think a dragon is cooler (though common, of course they are) but rather like most modern men of today’s technocracy, we all grow up with fewer and fewer of our passage rites when pertains to becoming a man.  As primitive as the thought may seem to a modern civilization, in part it has to do with establishing our identity to ourselves when it comes to how we view the world. But I digress.

Putting this thought train back on topic the “Slaying of the Dragon” is s metaphor for the progressive stages of realization that you will encounter during your quest for enlightenment and raising your ego (a topic for another day).   This metaphor is important for applying inner understanding to our daily life.

  1. Searching for the Dragon: You realize that happiness is conditional and based on your aspirations matching your life, and that when they do not coincide you are suffering, and that what you are truly seeing ins contentment – peace with the world as it is.
  2. Discovering the Footprints: You realize the journey to the center takes place within your own mind.
  3. Spotting the Dragon: through inner reflection you see how you have unconsciously labelled yourself, and how profoundly this self image as affected the quality of your life.
  4. Pursuing the Dragon: You begin to resolve your past issues (as I write this I am somewhere between this and the next) and start to face your fears head on when it comes to the future!
  5. Taming the Dragon: You learn how to maintain a mindful awareness of thoughts that arise in your mind, thoughts that are holding you back from following your path.
  6. Riding the Dragon: You learn to live in the now!
  7. The Dragon Transcends: You start to live in harmony with the natural rhythm of your life, accepting things as they are.
  8. The self and the Dragon Transcended: You start to see who you really are, beyond that of the labels you have given yourself, like the onion you peel back the layers of false identity to find your true self.
  9. Reaching the Source: You reach the center of your being, your mental and spiritual conflicts finally come to and end.
  10. In the world: You learn how to allow your newly found inner-self and true nature become manifest in the world and share in the joy of what you have come to understand with others.

That last and final stage was where I was the day before my surgery, so close was I to reaching enlightenment I could feel the calmness of it all. I had accepted my fate, if I was not going to come back, that was going to be ok. Alas coming out of the surgery was a different story. Quickly my ego stepped into high gear and pulled me back down to somewhere between 4 and 5. But that happens, and it’s ok! This may happen to you too, and it may happen a few times, and as long as we keep trying and never give up we have never truly failed in our journey!




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