Where Science and Enlightenment Collide

Dealing with the Ego Self

ch900226.giflet’s face it, sometimes our “Ego Selves” can be like down right spoiled children, perhaps this is what they mean by letting out your inner child, I suppose it depends on your own mental perspective. But don’t people meditate to get rid of their egos? No, not quite that would be a bit like saying “If I jog, I’d be a better person” or even “If it weren’t for my wife, I would have a perfect marriage.”

The point of meditation is not to toss our egos away, that would be much like trying to live after removing your head from your shoulders, it just wouldn’t turn out all that great!  Meditation is about making friends with our true selves, to start being compassionate, gentle and goodhearted towards ourselves.

You may ask “Isn’t that serving your ego?” On the contrary, it is being open with who you are and accepting things as they are.  Through meditation we can have an inner conversation with ourselves, instead of bottling things up.  Mediation allows us to find the wisdom that is all mixed up in what is though of as our own neurosis or madness. It is exploring humanity itself, and all of creation that is manifest in our own form.  The “Ego Self” is like a child, do not abandon it, instead raise it!



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