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849c3b75c4dcf7dda97cdccf01b2f9ebOne thing I have learned in life is that truth is always subjective but is often given more weight than fact.  Often we substitute our own personal truths in place of facts, because we cannot often handle them.  Honor the truths of your fellow sentient life form temper your minds with compassion and you will know peace!

Tantra Practice

35bf4f9d744e6cee630c494d58d06165The purpose of Tantra practice is to cultivate Buddha-hood faster, so that qualified practitioners might be able to serve others more quickly.  This practice requires a special type of meditation called Deity meditation, or for the purposes of Pantheism divine meditation.  Although this practice takes time as well, it also requires checking in with yourself throughout the day through self examination of motivations.  This process is done in three parts.


  1. Replace your mind, which is normally filled with troubling thoughts, with inward focus on suffering, with one of pure wisdom which is motivated with compassion
  2. Visualize replacing your body as it ordinarily appears composed of one of flesh blood and bone with one that is in its true nature that exists beneath the illusion, one that is connected to the divine and thus connected to the universe itself and all that exists inside of it, filled with wisdom and compassion.
  3. Develop a sense of pure self, which depends on purely appearing in mind and body, in an ideal environment, fully engaged in helping others with wisdom and compassion, becoming the embodiment of altruism.

As this visualization process is about considering yourself possessing Buddha qualities of which you do not have, your mind is involved in understanding reality out of which you are appearing as the divine, and you are purposely imaging possessing a divine body in order to cultivate and manifest your inner potential to be Buddha.

First you must meditate of emptiness, once you have managed to reach this state then you can direct yourself to bringing the divine into focus to become the center ad to the forefront of your meditative process.

In practice it is good to meditate often throughout the day, when you first awaken take a few moments to establish a mindset that is grounded in compassion, wisdom, and altruism. Time should also be taken at the end of each day to examine the motivations you may have had in your actions throughout that day (something I too need to remind myself to do more often).