Where Science and Enlightenment Collide

Two monks (A Modern Allegorical Tale)

96311440X40Two monks sit before a spiritual man they have never heard before, he speaks what is in his heart, his motivations known only to himself. Some of what he says is similar to the Dharma, others not, his own journey along the path is still in progress.

When he is finished, one monk nods and smiles, contemplates what is said, and moves on with his day; forming not judgment or attachments to what has been told. He continues to serve all he sees and mediates on the teachings he knows to be true.

The second monk frowns and shakes his head, spending the rest of his day telling the spiritual man how he is wrong, then walks from village to village telling others not to listen to the spiritual man.

“What should we do about the evil natures Bhiksus?”  Asked Ananda.

“Oh, that,” said The Buddha, “is very easy. You should be silent and they will go away.  Don’t talk to them. After all aren’t they bad? aren’t they boisterous and disobedient? Ignore them.  Don’t speak to them. They’ll become bored and leave on their own.”


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