Where Science and Enlightenment Collide

More bewilderment from social networking

A comment caught my attention and surprised me today on Facebook, it read: “In most cases Buddhist has as much in common with Buddha as Christian with Christ.”  What shocked me most was not the comparison of Christians and Buddhists, but rather the implication that one was sitting in judgement over others who follow Buddha and determining on whether or not they were living up to the judge’s standard on what it is to be Buddhist.  If the old adage is to kill the Buddha we see along the road, then perhaps before we start the journey down the road each day we should look first in the mirror.

Remember we are all at different points along the journey, some of us have larger gapes than others.  It is not our place to admonish someone for taking longer.


“Who is this Migasāla … to know the complexity of the human character?’ Then he added: ‘Do not be a judge of others, do not judge others. Whoever judges others digs a pit for themselves.” -Buddha

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